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Aeolus Tec Services is staffed by experts in cost efficient engine maintenance and flight operations. Our dedicated professionals have significant industry experience in the commercial and engineering processes of Engine & Auxiliary Power Unit overhaul and its application for optimum service operation.

TEC Services Our contract experts negotiate & manage the most competitive Maintenance Service Agreements that match and deliver on the needs of our clients' fleets.

Our experienced engineers provide swift, effective ECM analysis and troubleshooting, best fit shop visit planning and co-ordinated, cyclical workscoping; every maintenance procedure and dollar is planned and justified.

Our value-factored technical services are rooted in our SMART engines philosophy:

SMART engines logoStrategic Maintenance Achieving Real Targets” combines manipulated engine MRO with fleet profiles and missions, to deliver best fit maintenance solutions, justified cost budgets and operational efficiencies.

Contact smartengines@aeolus-group.com for a presentation on how Aeolus Tec Services can deliver SMART engines for you.

TSSA: Technical Service Support Agreements [read more]

FSSA: Field Service Support Agreements [read more]

ECM: Engine Condition Monitoring [read more]

PPSV: Powerplant Shop Visit Management [read more]

Asset Evaluation [read more]

Aeolus Tec Services provides expert support for the following powerplants:

CFM: CFM56-3, -5, -7 series
GE: CF6-50, -80 series
P&W: PW2000, PW4000
IAE: V2500
APU: APS2000, APS3200, GTCP85, GTCP331, GTCP36, GTCP131

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